About FlareBot

FlareBot is an easy to use Discord bot. It was created for playing music while also being able to handle some server administration. FlareBot was designed for the users in mind. We listen to what you guys want and implement it in! You wanted purge, we added it, you wanted faster loading songs, we redesigned the entire system to make sure songs and playlists could load as quickly as possible while still sounding perfect. FlareBot is about you and your server!

Who created it?

FlareBot was created by Walshy and Arsen both Java developers who had met while creating Bukkit plugins. The website front and back-end was developed by Walshy. Arsen has done some small tools as well for the website.

Why was it made?

FlareBot was made because Walshy and Arsen liked to listen to music while in Discord but couldn't find a bot that didn't lag or wasn't down half the time. So they decided to work together and make a music bot that would always be online and would be able to quickly load and play songs for people to enjoy with no lag!

FlareBot Commands and Permissions

Command Description Permission Aliases
helpSee a list of all commands.flarebot.helpcommands
searchSearch for a song on YouTube. Usage: `search URL` or `search WORDS`flarebot.search
joinTell me to join your voice channel.flarebot.join
leaveTell me to leave the voice channel.flarebot.leave
infoDisplays info about the bot.flarebot.info
playResumes your song and playlist.flarebot.playresume
pausePause your song. Opposite of playflarebot.pause
stopStops your playlist.flarebot.stop
skipStarts a skip voting, or if one is happening, marks a vote. `skip YES|NO` to pass a vote. To force skip use `skip force`. You can also use `skip cancel` to cancel the current vote as an admin.flarebot.skip
shuffleShuffle up the order of the songsflarebot.shuffle
playlistView the songs currently on your playlist. NOTE: If too many it shows only the amount that can fit. You can use `playlist clear` to remove all songs. You can use `playlist remove #` to remove a song under #. To make it not send a DM do `playlist here`flarebot.playlist
songGet the current song playing.flarebot.song
inviteGet my invite link!
autoassignAuto assign roles to users when they join.flarebot.autoassignautorole
rolesGet roles on the serverflarebot.roles
welcomeAdd welcome messages to your server!flarebot.welcome
permissions`permissions givegroup` | `revokegroup` ` ` for user management. Or `permissions list` | `addpermission` | `removepermission` ` ` for group management. `permissions groups ` lists groups of a user. Better tutorial is found on the support server.flarebot.permissionsperm, perms
loopToggles looping of the current playlistflarebot.loop
loadLoads a playlist. Usage `load NAME`flarebot.playlist.load
saveSave the current playlist! Usage: `save NAME`flarebot.playlist.save
deleteDeletes a playlist. Usage `delete NAME`flarebot.playlist.delete
playlistsLists all playlists saved in the current guildflarebot.playlists
purgeRemoves last X messages. Usage: `purge MESSAGES`flarebot.purgeclean
announceAnnounces a track start in a text channel. Usage: `announce HERE|OFF`flarebot.songannounce
prefixSets the prefix in this guild!flarebot.prefixsetprefix
randomPut random songs into your playlist.flarebot.random
userinfoGet information about a userflarebot.userinfo
pollCreate a poll for your community to vote on!flarebot.poll
pinPin a messageflarebot.pin
selfassignSelf assign a role to yourself! To add roles to selfassign do `selfassign add (userId)`flarebot.selfassign
Initially started by WalshyDev(@bwfcwalshy#1284) and ArsenArsen(@Arsen#7525)
FlareBot's Avatar is made by CaptainBaconz
Big thanks to EJ Technologies for providing us with open source licenses for their Java profiler.